To build a diverse media and technology company dominant in serving communities with the best local news, sales and information.

Engage Exemplary Employees
Our winning proposition requires the best. We aim to attract, develop and retain employees who are customer-focused, teamwork-oriented, skilled, capable of future growth and accountable for their performance. We consciously will pursue strategies to make us the employer of choice.

Exceed Customer Expectations
We succeed when our customers succeed. Innovation, creativity and true consultative relationships are critical elements of this equation. We are committed to listening to and learning from our viewers, readers and users; our advertisers, clients and other purchasers of our products and services; and our vendors and other partners with whom we pursue excellence.

Value Our Reputation
Our reputation is everything to our future. We have an ongoing commitment to uphold the trustworthy relationships News-Press & Gazette Company has built and been known for since 1951. The virtues of honesty, fairness, hard work and seeking “win-win” outcomes are integral to building similar lasting relationships in the years to come.

Build Strong Communities
Strong communities equate to strong business. We join with our community and business partners, and with our employees, in lifting up and supporting economic development and community improvement efforts. We aspire to be known as progressive business leaders in each of the markets where NPG has a presence.