Executive Producer-St. Joseph, MO #6215

News-Press TV, LLC  a cluster of television stations consisting of NBC, FOX, The CW, Telemundo and a 24/7 News and Weather channel in St. Joseph, MO, has an immediate opening for an experienced and highly motivated Executive Producer to join our staff.

This position is a key member of our wholly converged newsroom, and works with the News Director, Managing Editor, producers, multi-media journalists, and other news staff, in creating and delivering the best possible content, on air and online.  The Executive Producer’s focus includes helping differentiate the content from one newscast to the next.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to: working with newscast producers to ensure responsibilities are met, stacking, writing and choosing video, assigning anchor reads and graphics, determining best story presentation method, writing and selecting video for teases, monitoring reporter and editor deadlines, in addition to performing quality control of each newscast to ensure overall news coverage and presentation goals are met.

The successful candidate is a hands-on leader, prepared to meet any type of challenge at any given moment, possessing the ability to remain calm, focused and professional, juggling multiple priorities and deadlines effectively, during periods of high stress.

Position requires a four year degree in Communications, Broadcasting Journalism, or related studies, two years’ news producing experience at a commercial television station, proficient skills in typing stories into news computer system, as well as using linear and non-linear editing systems. Experience with ENPS and the ability to speak Spanish viewed as plus.

Employment is contingent upon the successful completion of a pre-employment background check and drug screening.

When applying for this position, please mail cover letter, noting your referral source, with resume to: careers@npgco.com


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