Newspapers going to eTearsheets, eInvoices for advertisers

NPG Newspapers has seen success in converting to e-tearsheets (PDF copies of newspaper pages with ads on them) within the organization.  They have gone from distributing over 2,000 physical tearsheets (newsprint copies of the actual ad that ran that is sent to the advertisers) per month to just a couple of hundred.  This has resulted in enormous savings in over-printing, postage and time spent, not to mention the good feeling for doing their part to save the planet.

Their next green-initiative opportunity will be the utilization of e-statements, or invoices sent to advertisers via email.

“We have already heard from many customers who have asked us for this,” said Tim Weddle, Advertising Director.

The beginning of the process of making them a reality included a note on August statements telling customers they could receive their statement electronically by emailing their information to get set up.  Follow-ups with customers were planned.

“We hope to see well more than 60% of our customers embrace this opportunity by the end of October,” Weddle said.