Sun sets on The Sun after more than 50 years

NPG Newspapers, Inc., announced Tuesday that the company is suspending publication of The Johnson County Sun after this week’s edition.

“While this decision was difficult, we concluded we had no other choice at this time in the light of the current economy and our prospects for profitability in the future,” NPG chief operating officer Lee Sawyer said.”Ultimately, despite best efforts, The Sun was unable to withstand the severe financial downturn and changes in the media environment that have impacted all publications,” he said. “We have given the operation more than five years to get to a workable level of profitability.”

“The ownership and staff are indebted to our readers and advertisers,” Mr. Sawyer continued. “We wish only the best to employees leaving NPG.”

The Kansas City Nursing News and some other specialty publications produced by Sun Publications will continue. “We are pleased that other NPG operations are doing quite well despite all of the challenges in today’s marketplace,” Mr. Sawyer said.

To contact the Nursing News, call (913) 381-1010.